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 Bespoke Solutions
Bespoke solutions from PCM offer our clients a real opportunity to find the best resolution to a particular business problem they face.  Our bespoke solutions are aimed at resolving real business problems, improving existing business processes and creating real opportunities for our clients to add value to their organisations, all made possible through the tailoring of these solutions to the specific requirements of each individual client.
How we approach bespoke solutions:
We take a deep-sighted approach to delivering our bespoke solutions, trying to take a more lateral view to understanding an individual client’s business generally and the issues they face specifically.  This we find gives us a good basis to discuss the particular issues the client is facing and determine how that problem may be resolved through the use of innovative software.  Throughout this process, we do not focus on the problem alone, as that may be symptomatic of other issues within the company, but try to take a broader view to ensure we are providing a complete solution with new ways to simplify the operations of our clients while allowing them to improve performance.
The process of bespoke solution development: 
The main focus in the process of developing our bespoke solutions is taking the time to work through the careful analysis of an individual client’s problems and then to propose the best solution to those problems.  We take a collaborative approach to finding a solution, bringing in our own industry and technological expertise but also learning from the knowledge and experience of our clients.  The importance placed on this initial analysis is a direct factor in achieving our high success rate in resolving the issues of our clients through bespoke solutions. A key advantage of using bespoke solutions from PCM is that we are able to utilise our own advanced rapid software development platforms to deliver flexible and versatile bespoke solutions in the fraction of the time required through conventional methods.  As a result, our clients get the software they want significantly faster and at a fraction of the cost of conventional software development. Upon receiving approval from the relevant client, we will create a prototype to illustrate the proposed solution to allow the client to see first-hand how the solution will work and to ensure all of the client’s needs are being addressed.
What our clients can expect to gain from our bespoke solutions: 
Our bespoke solutions clients can expect to receive a highly-effective solution which resolves their business problems complete and transforms the way in which they work.  Our innovative solutions utilise the strengths of individual clients to optimise their performance. The feedback we are receiving from our clients is that our solutions allow them to better connect the different areas within their organisations, resulting in more efficient ways of working with their customers, suppliers and distributors.  Furthermore, the reality is that our solutions tend to replace the work of large numbers of staff, reducing labour costs and freeing up manpower to be redeployed in more productive roles.  The net result is that the overall customer experience is improved through the more efficient delivery of goods and services.
Increasing efficiency through bespoke solutions and business process improvement services:
Tightly linked into our bespoke software solutions is the provision of advice and assistance services to our clients on how they might improve their business processes and work practices. Our clients have come to recognise that attempting to improve the workings of ineffective processes will more often than not add little or no value to the improvement of the overall performance of the organisation.
The types of bespoke solutions we provide: 
Over the years we have provided a wide array of solutions in response to the differing demands of our clients. We are continually being challenged by companies to find solutions in new areas or to explore solutions for new types of problems. The size of the projects we deliver can vary from very small projects to much larger projects and can span a variety of areas. The types of bespoke solutions we have provided include:
  • Developing an online presence for clients seeking to reach their customers via the internet;
  • Automating labour-intensive manual processes within a business.
  • Migrating or redeveloping existing legacy software systems on to new Windows, Web and mobile based platforms to take advantage of new technological advances.
  • Developing Web portals for clients seeking to provide a Web platform from which their customers can access services and information within a particular market.
  • Developing software based application solutions to address the specific needs of a business area (e.g. sales, finance, production, etc.) within an organisation.
  • Developing front-end solutions to improve the way a business deals with and interacts with its customers on a daily basis, whether it is providing a products or services, or after sales customer care and support.
  • Providing solutions that enable better management reporting across all areas of the organisation.
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