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Industry Specific Solutions

PCM strives to maintain a deep understanding of each industry sector in which its clients are involved and the problems facing those industries. It is this deep insight which allows us to aid our clients in choosing the best solution for their needs and which drives the development of our software and services.
PCM has experience working with clients in the following list of industries; however, this is not an exhaustive list of our industry knowledge and experience. Furthermore, we are always willing to become involved in and learn about new industry sectors.
Our specialist knowledge within particular sectors of each of our industries is current and generally includes knowledge of:
  • Best-practices and industry standards.
  • Competition facing organisations working in these sectors.
  • Any relevant legislation affecting these sectors.
  • Any relevant regulatory schemes affecting these sectors.
  • The impact of the economic climate and how this drives the behaviour of companies with particular industries.
  • How companies in different industry sectors manage upturn and downturn cycles.
  • The nature of industry as dynamic and ever-changing and the need for companies to adapt.
We also feel it is important to understand the interrelation or interdependence between different industries and how interconnection between industries can be vital in maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of the big-picture supply chain.
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