Technology Services

Our technical services rely on the use of our in-house specialist software-based automation technology and other software tools, as well as the specialist technical skills of our team, to provide specific technical tasks our clients may not have the internal expertise or resources to carry out themselves.  Our provision of technical services is efficient and highly cost-effective.
At PCM, we leverage our extensive portfolio of innovative technological tools and platforms to deliver easily adaptable, cutting-edge services for our clients and have a proven track record of successfully delivering these technical services to clients worldwide.
We take a very hands-on approach in the delivery of our technical services, closely monitoring their process and providing high-quality service and control.  We also present our clients with regular feedback.
Technical services from PCM include:
Migration of legacy software – The migration of legacy software systems is a cost-effective alternative to rewriting existing software.
Business data analysis and reporting – Through our business data analysis and reporting services, we can work with our clients to analyse the large amounts of data they may have collected, even when from various sources, and make this data more readily accessible.
Developing automated management reports – We can aid our clients in identifying key performance indicators that drive their businesses and develop reporting systems to automatically alert them to any changes affecting those indicators.
Systems integration – Through our systems integration service, we are able to provide the means of connecting various disparate systems across an organisation, allowing information to be passed between them and allowing them to run far more effectively and efficiently.
Verification and validation services – Our verification and validation services are industry compliant. We perform verification and validation activities at various points in the software development life cycle to ensure that any defects or non conformances that may exist are not passed on.
Global support services – PCM has over 12 years of experience in providing software maintenance and support to its clients, ranging from start ups to enterprise-level corporations.
Cloud Solutions – We provide the infrastructure and software that allows you operate from the Cloud, allow you to run your business from anywhere in the world. We offer a number of solutions include Parallels RAS for remote working.
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