Property Management

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Our property management software solutions provide the right set of tools to enable both commercial and residential property companies to succeed in the property market. We use an end-to-end approach to managing properties our clients have invested in or are under their management;
For the property investor or owner, we start by providing them with property investment and evaluation software, which can assist them with making the correct property investment decision. For both owners and managing agents, we provide our clients with project management and costing software to ensure that any development, building and/or refurbishment work they undertake on their property is properly priced, project managed and controlled;
Once property is occupied, we provide property management and accounting software which allows our clients to help them manage their properties and collect rents and other income, and ensure that all income properly accounted for; the software also helps our clients with the day-to-day management of their property, to ensure that it is maintained to the standard that our clients require.
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